The Africa Vegan Restaurant Week is the first of its kind campaign in Africa where activists jointly organize and celebrate plant-based foods while encouraging restaurants to include vegan dishes on their daily food menus

This year’s Africa-wide campaign and week-long celebration is organised by activists and organizations from all across Africa and is scheduled 2 – 8 September 2024.

All participants simultaneously launch the campaign in their own country, creating an Africa-wide effort to increase accessibility to healthy, plant-based food options and encourage restaurants to adopt vegan menus.

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Join the Thrive Africa Accelerator to watch recordings and gain the skills necessary to launch the campaign in your country and be a part of this world’s first initiative!

The first edition of Africa Vegan Restaurant Week happened in January 2023 with 29 participating organizations and 50 participating restaurants from 15 countries and widespread international media attention. We expect 2024 to be double the reach, join us to be a part of this important initiative!

Africa Vegan Restaurant Week amplifies the plant-based food justice movement across Africa by increasing accessibility for healthy, convenient, plant-based options, and replacing animal products with healthy, sustainable, plant-based restaurant meals, while also bringing widespread awareness to veganism and healthy eating.

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If you are an individual or organization, register here to participate in the Africa Vegan Restaurant Week 2024.

How to participate

  • Physical participation where restaurants can create a mini-restaurant at a designated venue.
  • Restaurants remain on their premises but introduce special vegan dishes on their menu starting that week.
  • Chefs can choose to do deliveries during the week.

Who can participate?

Africa Vegan Restaurant Week will bring together chefs, farmers, scholars, leaders, media, business communities, schools, families, and children to participate in this first-of-its-kind celebration that promotes plant-based eating on the continent.

During the week, restaurant patrons can expect to enjoy several unique and tasty plant-based dishes, learn about veganism and the plant-based movement, and discover where to find the tastiest vegan restaurants in their country.

Why Africa Vegan Restaurant Week?

This unique event will give vegans and non-vegans around the continent the chance to enjoy amazing plant-based experiences, while increasing awareness of the impact of animal agriculture on the environment, human health, and animals. Africa Vegan Restaurant Week will also increase the visibility of plant-based alternatives in Africa, and create opportunities for wider and more accessible distribution of African-produced plant-based products.


To become a supporting organization, please contact the Thrive Africa team at [email protected].